What We Do

Software Engineering

Intelliforce-ITSG understands that whether an organization’s information-led IT transformation is on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of the two, the lack of reliable information can interfere with an organization’s ability to act with speed, agility and success. We are dedicated to designing, implementing, and modifying software so that it is of the highest quality, most affordable and maintainable. We provide software engineering capabilities contributing to all phases of the software development lifecycle: design, develop, test, and maintain.

With our deep knowledge and experience in Java, C/C++, and Python, to include the frameworks integral to each, we are often granted the freedom to develop and deliver a solution based on our choice of the best technology for solving the problem. Our engineers are strong object-oriented thinkers employing appropriate design patterns that lead to highly modular, reusable and maintainable software systems. In addition to our expertise in historically traditional approaches to software design and development, our engineers also bring a deep knowledge of widely accepted Agile methodologies to include Kanban, SAFe, and Scrum, as well as some useful tenants associated with Extreme Programming.

Systems Engineering

Intelliforce-ITSG understands our customer’s mission and the need for them to have secure, reliable and fully functional systems in place. We are well-versed in the various computer system design principles and practices. We work closely with our customers to support requirements gathering, requirements analysis, architecture development and system design. Our engineers expertly apply the system engineering process throughout the various phases of the project lifecycle to support and facilitate the management, design, engineering, and testing of information system solutions. By considering strategic goals, architecture trends in the customer spaces, and emerging technical standards, our engineers guide the design process and ensure compatibility, interoperability and longevity of solutions across the enterprise.

Systems Administration

In support of our customer’s need for secure and reliable systems, Intelliforce–ITSG’s highly skilled engineers install, test, monitor and maintain state-of-the-art servers, storage appliances, and network hardware. We are also experts in many vendor specific software tools enabling us to build the right system to address the problem. We also bring an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to maintain and monitor the systems we build for the customer. Our engineers install and fine tune small to large databases across many operating system variants. Thanks to our vast knowledge of industry security practices, we provide protection to our customer’s networks by implementing and customizing hardware and firmware features. We enhance our customer’s security posture by hardening the operating systems in accordance with defined standards and policies.

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